Some proposals for Venice

We publish some proposed amendments to art. 95 (Measures for the protection of Venice and its lagoon and institution of the Authority for the Venice lagoon) of the Italian draft of law of 14 August 2020, n. 104 (Urgent measures to support and revive the economy).

The provision, long overdue, aims to re-organize the management of the Venice lagoon and its protection, after the suppression of the Water Authority decided a few years ago by the "Renzi" government in response to the well-known Moses scandal .

The reading of the draft law highlights an outdated delineation of the overall Community and national regulatory framework in the field of water protection and soil protection.

For more information click on the following links: Law Decree 14 August 2020, n. 104. and AUTHORITY FOR THE VENICE LAGOON: SOME PROPOSALS

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