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Valle d’Aosta

Water Protection Plan 2006 - PTA 2006

New water protection plan with integrations and modifications to the one approved with the resolution of the Regional Council n. 1788 / XII of 8 February 2006, dealing with the regional water protection plan pursuant to art. 44 of the legislative decree n. 152/1999 and subsequent amendments and additions in which the environmental quality objectives and specific destination of the water bodies and the interventions aimed at ensuring their achievement or maintenance, as well as the qualitative and quantitative protection measures integrated and coordinated for drainage basin.


2015 Management Plan

In the Po district Institutional Committee meeting of 17 December 2015, with resolution 7/2015, the Management Plan of the Po river basin district was adopted. Review and update to 2015 (PdG Po 2015). Subsequently in the meeting of the Institutional Committee of March 3, 2016, resolution no.1 / 2016 (Prime Ministerial Decree of October 27, 2016), the Plan was approved and the documents can be consulted from the links below.


Aosta Valley Water Protection Plan -ptaVdA-

This site is dedicated to the review and updating of the regional water protection plan and in particular to public participation, an integral part of the decision-making process that will lead to the adoption of the new disciplinary instrument for the use of water resources in the regional territory. The interested public will find on this site the documentation and tools to participate in the construction of the Plan.

Compared to PTA 2006, the Pta VdA contains a series of innovations, which derive partly from regulatory obligations and partly from regional administration choices.

As the first and important news, the PTA VdA will not be composed of written pages, or at least not only those, but all information, data, processing and related results will be available online on the regional website, integrated into a single information system, a georeferenced map database, accessible by the public, usable by technicians and periodically updated.




Over 88 million to improve aqueducts and sewers

Between 2020 and 2025, the most important public support intervention for maintenance of aqueducts and purification plants in the last five years will be planned in Piedmont.

The investment will be over 88 million euros with the aim of making the system more efficient and reducing management costs. Specifically, we will try to improve the quality of drinking water, eliminate the presence of nitrogen and phosphorus, replace the damaged sections of the network to counteract the real network losses, modernize sections of sewers.




In Genoa, the final event of the European proterina3evolution project for the protection from flood risks.

The final event of the international Proterina3Evolution project in which the Liguria Region participates took place at Palazzo Ducale in Genoa, on 5 February. It is the final event of the Interreg Italy France Maritime project which has as its general objective the "construction" of awareness and the participation of institutions and communities regarding the territory's response capacity to flood risk.




Poor weather, Foroni: 'missed' in Emilia Romagna, Lombardy discriminated against

"A move that seems to have a purely pre-election move, as well as a bad taste by this government, which shamefully discriminates against Lombardy and all its citizens damaged by tornadoes and water bombs that have repeatedly plagued our region between July 25and August,13, 2019, and for which just two months ago we saw ourselves rejecting the request for a state of emergency with completely laughable reasons " has stated Pietro Foroni, Councilor for the Territory and Civil Protection for the Lombardy region.



Water resources investigation notices

"The administrative procedure involves, during the preliminary investigation phase, the publication of a preliminary investigation notice, in order to be able to collect any observations and oppositions, and to allow the submission of competing applications."

Notices published in February 2020:

"R.D. 1775/1933. Application for public groundwater concession in the Municipality of Bibbona (LI). Applicant: Mr. Mannoni Umberto. Practice n. 78175/2020

R.D. 1775/1933 - Public water use - Application by Mrs. Franzinelli Laura for renewal of the concession for underground water for civil use in loc. the Crocino in the Municipality of Montalcino - Practice 1763-2020 >>

R.D. 1775/1933 - Use of public water - Application for concession for underground public water in loc. Pietratonda in the Municipality of Civitella Paganico (GR), for agricultural use - Practice n. 26204/2019

R.D. 1775/1933 - Use of public water - Application for concession for underground public water in loc. Le Pianacce in the Municipality of Civitella Paganico (GR), for agricultural use - Pratca n. 24159/2019




Water domain: adjustment of 2020 fees

Publishing of the adjustment of the fees relating to public water utilities for the year 2020 - Deadline: February 28, 2020.



Maritime state concession for the port area of Vasto

A request was made to the Maritime state concession in the port area of Vasto (CH) "Molo Mandracchio" for parking to service the accommodation activity carried out in the "Trimalcione" overflow, as well as for the installation of a wooden kiosk to be used as a small bar for the summer , and the shelter and storage of the overflow equipment, for the winter period. Application dated 03/01/2020 - Prot. 0007413 of 03/01/2020 presented by the Franceschini Emilia company.



Concessions of state property areas of hydraulic relevance.

Sangro River - De Toma Patrizia company CH / C / 280;

Aventino river - Travaglini Maria Domenica company CH / C / 416.



Plumbing concessions requests

Concessions of state property areas of hydraulic relevance.

Sangro River - Companies:

• Varrenti Giuseppe CH / C / 501;

• Sant’Angelo Gabriele CH / C / 815.

Aventino river

• Rossetti Silvia company CH / C / 392.




After more than 20 years the Management Plan and the regulation of the Roman Littoral Nature Reserve have been adopted

Finally, after a wait of over 20 years, the Roman Coast Natural Reserve, which includes the areas of Rome Capital and the Municipality of Fiumicino, has obtained a reference tool for its management.




Flood easements established in Puglia, a useful tool to combat hydrogeological instability, reducing regional spending

The Soil Defense and of the Asset section of the Puglia Region has studied and proposed a rule that provides for the avoidance of expropriation and proposing alternatively a flooding allowance for areas subject to possible flooding. This would allow the owners to remain in possession of their territories and to continue cultivation with related management, cleaning and maintenance.




Merra: maximum effort to face the water emergency

The external auditing firm appointed to control has finally validated the executive project for the "G" district of the Basento-Bradano water scheme. Thanks to this, we will immediately send the same to Cipe to obtain, as soon as possible, the renewal of the declaration of public utility, which has now expired”. This is what Donatella Merra, the councilor for infrastructure and mobility has recently announced:"To answer to this project, that the community has been waiting for for thirty years – said the councilor - we have already provided in the Infrastructure Observatory constant monitoring of the release phases of the new declaration of public utility. Although we are not yet able to determine the start of the work we are satisfied with this first important step and we hope for a rapid approval of the project by the Ministry of infrastructure and Transport. Considering therefore that the water emergency in Basilicata is taking on considerable dimensions and is projecting the Lucanian farms towards a very critical summer from the supply point of view we will soon convene in the Region a technical table on the Rendina dam, to understand the state of the investigation ".




Piedimonte Etneo. Flooding in the inhabited center, work is underway

Whenever the rain is intense there is a maximum alert of floods in the Piedimonte Etneo, an urban area under the Etna vulcano and within the Catania metropolitan area. Now thanks to the intervention of the Office against hydrogeological instability, led by the President of the Sicily Region, Nello Musumeci, the green light has arrived for the tender which will have to award the works and which will end on March 18th. In addition to the construction of a network of grates and conveying pipes, a treatment of first purification and controlled discharge in the Fogliarino stream will also be provided to avoid pollution of the relevant sea.


Porto Empedocle - the cleaning of the Re torrent is starting

The normal outflow of the waters of the entire riverbed of the Re turrent has been blocked for a decade now. The brushwood that suffocates it creates a potential danger of flooding and a clearing of the riparian vegetation and the clearing of alluvial debris is necessary in order to restore the banks. This will finally be possible and the Crescenzio Costruzioni in Favara, which won the tender launched by the Office against the hydrogeological instability, will proceed with the cleaning of the stream.


Campofelice di Roccella-Musumeci inaugurates the new water purifier

On 19 February a purification plant was inaugurated in the Olivazza district, in the Municipality of Palermo. The president of the Sicily Region, Nello Musumeci, commented on the event stating: “In the last two years we have made up for a five years of delay, thanks to the perfect understanding between municipal and regional administrations. From this year, the sea of ​​the Campofelice di Roccella coast will be cleaner ".




Environment Councilor Lampis: "Final phase for definitive reclamation project of the Portovesme aquifer launched"

On March 18, the final and decisive phase of approval of the definitive project for the reclamation of the aquifer in the industrial area of ​​Portovesme will begin. The project foresees the "intercompany hydraulic barrier functional to the reclamation of the stratum of the industrial agglomeration", which includes the use of three new extraction lines from the underground aquifers and four treatment plants for water contaminated by heavy metals, coming from the individual plants, for their qualitative requalification. The water thus treated and reclaimed will be reused in the plants, saving primary natural resources.


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