World can ‘safely’ store billions of tonnes of CO2 underground

An article, published in the online magazine Eco-Business on June 13 2018, discusses a study by Dr. Juan Alcalde, a geologist at the University of Aberdeen, previously published in the Carbon Brief online magazine on June 12, 2018,: “World can ‘safely’ store billions of tonnes of CO2 underground”. In this study, Dr. Alcalde and his colleagues illustrate the pros and cons of CO2 capture and storage (CCS) in the subsoil and in exhausted deposits at the bottom of the sea, as a tool to reduce global warming. The research suggests that large amounts of CO2 could be stored under the ground or sea with only a small risk of surface leakage in the following 10,000 years, even though if CO2 storage is poorly managed, higher amounts of leakage can be expected.

For more information, read the article accessible from the following links:


Carbon Brief:

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