Marine Litter Watch - Citizens collect plastic and data to protect Europe′s marine environment

On June 8,2018, European Environment Agency published a short Report on the Marine Litter Watch project. This report highlights the work and results of the Marine Litter Watch clean-up activities held on the beaches of Europe's four regional seas: Baltic Sea, Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea and North-East Atlantic Ocean, between 2014 and 2017. The document also indicates what are the ten most common types of plastic waste found during the clean-up of the beaches, and what are the most probable sources from which they are derived. Marine Litter Watch is a project of the European Environment Agency which aims to combat the problem of plastic waste through the active involvement of citizens, non-governmental organizations and research institutions. The project is a pan-European platform that members of the population and non-governmental organizations can use to co-ordinate clean-ups and record beach litter and complement the collection of official marine litter data by national authorities and fill data gaps.

For more information and for those wishing to consult and download the report, please refer to the following link:

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