Adoption of the Variant Plan for the Hydrogeological Asset Management Plan of the Serchio River

With the Decree of the Secretary-General No. 39 of June 12,2018, the Northern Apennines hydrographic district, adopted the draft variation to the PAI (hydrogeological management plan) of the Serchio River: (“Plan of the Serchio River basin, General functional Variant to the adjustment of the PAI of the Serchio river flood risk management plan of the Northern Apennines River basin district”). The aim of the decision is to link the flood risk actions to those of the Northern Apennines river basin district. The documentation of the approved PAI variation project and the adoption decree can be consulted at the Lucca office of Basin authority and/or for 45 days after June 21 on the Serchio and the Apennine District websites.

For more information on this latest variant of PAI, please refer to the following links:

Hydrographic District of the Northern Apennines:

Hydrographic District of the Serchio River:

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