Why businesses must go beyond zero to reverse global warming

To reverse global warming, businesses need to become adept at two things: reducing carbon emissions on a sweeping scale and decreasing the amount of excess carbon already in the atmosphere. Each of these presents a significant opportunity for innovation and growth. On this is based the article published in Eco-Business online magazine on 1 June 2018, in which highlight the key role of industries in reducing CO2 emissions. This article presents various examples of virtuous companies that have managed not only to reduce emissions but also to go beyond, for examples the Carbon Clean Solutions Limited (CCSL) society, has patented a way to make useful materials out of waste carbon dioxide from power and chemical plants. Its flagship project, the Tuticorin power plant located in Tamil Nadu, India, captures the carbon dioxide released from the factory’s boiler and transforms it into raw material for baking soda. The examples in the article are indicative of innovative business models geared to solving the climate challenge on a large scale.

For more information on this subject, please refer to the article at the following link:


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