World’s great cities hold key to fossil fuel cuts

In this article, published in the online magazine Eco-Business on 7 June 2018, discusses a study published in the journal Environmental Research Letters, 28 may 2018, entitled “Carbon footprints of 13,000 cities”. In this study, carried out by Professor Daniel Moran of Norwegian University of Science and Technology with colleagues from Japan, the US and Sweden, is analyzed the carbon footprint (carbon footprint) of 13000 urban areas around the world, highlighting the crucial role that cities can play in reducing fossil fuel use and limit climate change. In fact, the researchers, by crossing the available data about existing carbon footprints, estimates of energy consumption, with national statistics on spending patterns, regional purchasing power data and a population map, they noted that emissions are concentrated in a small number of cities. In fact, it has been observed as the cities with the highest footprints, are located in the world's richest Nations (in which you record high CO2 emissions), this means that a concerted effort by a small number of mayors and local governments (they have the resources to act) can have a large effect in reducing emissions and in limit, as a result, the global climate change.

For a more thorough description on this topic, please refer to the following links:


Environmental Research Letters:

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