European projects and public partecipation

The active involvement of the population in the development and updating of Hydrographic Districts management plans derives from Article 14 of the WFD and Article 10 of the Floods Directive. To understand if and how this is implemented at the Hydrographic District level, in Italy we have visited the websites of the eight Italian Hydrographic Districts (legislative decree n° 152 of 3rd April 2006). Moreover various European projects (LIFE +, INTERREG, etc.) have involved the population in the protection and management of the territory, even at cross-border level. These projects, developed in four of the eight hydrographic districts set up in Italy (the Hydrographic District of the Eastern Alps, the Padano Hydrographic District, the Hydrographic District of the Central Apennines and the Hydrographic District of Sardinia), are executed at local level and the Hydrographic Districts, together with the regional and municipal realities, provide the technical-scientific support necessary for their implementation. The projects aim to implement a series of actions of a structural (pilot) and non-structural activities (awareness raising and training) supported by preliminary knowledge base and a monitoring program, to build the basis for a governance path aimed at the shared public participation to the definition of a strategy for the sustainable management of water in the hydrogeological districts. Associated with the aforementioned projects, there are various educational initiatives for schools dedicated to individual watercourses, such as the Arno River. For more information visit the following pages.

Padano Hydrographic District:

Eastern Alps Hydrographic District:

Sardinia Hydrographic District:

Northern Apennines Hydrographic District:

Italian Hydrografic Diststrict management plans:

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