In November 2017 the Italian Ministry of Environment and Protection of the Territory and the Sea and the Italian Delegation in the Alpine Convention published a report called: RIVER CONTRACTS IN ITALY (AND BEYOND THE BORDER).


River Contracts were introduced in Europe and in Italy following the Second World Water Council, as strategic planning and negotiated tools based on voluntary membership, aiming at the protection, the correct management of water resources and the enhancement of the fluvial territories. together with the protection from hydraulic risks. The report aims to assess the progress achieved and contribute to the dissemination of their development from 2015, focusing on some cases of good bottom up governance, such as the Roya/Roia River and the Botna (Moldova) and the Paglia River Contracts. In order to illustrate with real examples the role of public participation and of sharing of data and information in river governance. The document describes the results achieved by the Italian Delegation in the Alpine Convention as shown at the side event of CoP XXI and XXII of the UNFCCC, coordinated by the Italian Ministry of the Environment with the scientific support of EURAC Research. The results represent a starting point for a broader discussion on the role of non-state actors in public policy and on the individual benefits that may arise from the participation in a river contract, as well as the type of incentives that public policy should provide to expand the participation in these processes of the private sector. A future publication of the report in English will promote River Contracts in and outside Italy.

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