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Hydrographic District of the Po river plains

On May 29,2018, in Parma, the Padano Hydrographic District together with the Po Network, the Touring Club Italia, the Coordination of Technical-Scientific Associations for the Environment and Landscape (CATAP) and the National Association of the Urban and Territorial and Environmental Planners (ASS.URB) signed an important memorandum of understanding that establishes the coordination of the actions on the environmental policies of the Basin, in order to promote the protection of biodiversity and of the landscape, the cultural promotion and the consolidation of a sustainable Po economy.

For more information, please refer to news present at following link: http://www.adbpo.gov.it/it/notizie/sottoscritta-lintesa-che-rafforza-la-pianificazione-strategica-e-la-governance-il-bacino-del

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