Join us

We are carrying out a number of activities in Italy as Gruppo 183 and at European level through the Aquanet Foundation. We will need your support to finance the activities and support our projects and actions. Here below there are the ammounts dues for the membership for year 2007


-junior member(students): 15 euros

-regular member: 30 euros

-support member: 100 euros

-organization member (for institution, organizations, etc.): 300 euros


Here below the bank account data of the Gruppo 183:

Banca Antonveneta Agenzia di Città 2 (150) Via del Teatro di Marcello, 2 00186 Roma

account number: 00000011388F

ABI 05040 CAB 03202 CIN P

After paying, please send the receipt by fax to us to the number 0039 06 581 43 70.