Gruppo 183 ONLUS

Via Pannini n.5, 00196 Roma 
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Our activities

Gruppo 183 operates in the fields of training, information and dissemination at the institutional, technical and scientific levels. Our areas of expertise are: interdisciplinary research; new water culture; environmental sustainability; governance and participation in environmental policy-making; innovative approaches to water resource management; water and ecosystem services; natural and cultural heritage of aquatic ecosystems; implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive.

Elaboration of studies and documents on: protection and management of water resources, soil and land conservation, river basin planning, Italian and European water legislative framework, public participation in policy making, water and biodiversity, water and agriculture, with particular reference to the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).


The association plays an important role in promoting environmental education thanks to the realization of training activities conducted by professionals and academics. 

2011-2014: 3 editions of the Course in Management and Protection of soil and water resources in river planning, organized in collaboration with the University UAV of Venice; 

2009: Workshop promoted by Gruppo 183 and WWF Italia on the European Community Directive 2000/60/EC;  

2007: International workshop on the requalification of river basins (organized in collaboration with CIRF, Autorità di bacino del Po, Ministry of Environment, Region Emilia-Romagna).

Policy making​

Gruppo 183 acts as a “bridge” between the scientific community, political institutions and civil society. With the aim to promote the application of EU directives and national regulations, Gruppo 183’s experts produce papers and publications in network with different stakeholders. 

In 2011, Gruppo 183 was convened to contribute to the hearing of the VIII Commission of the Italian Parliament (Environment, Territory and Public Works) in occasion of the debate on the public management of water services. 

Gruppo 183 was defined “an authority NGO in the field of environmental protection” in the OECD report of 2013 on Italy’s environmental performance. 

The association is part of the 17 Italian institutions mentioned by the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification for their efforts in combating desertification. 

The French Ministry of Agriculture has requested and obtained a meeting with Gruppo 183 to participate to a comparative study on the implementation of agro-environmental measures in the management of water resources.

Conferences and events

2015: “I 25 anni della Legge 183” (conference organized by CESBIM, Gruppo183 and C.U.G.RI.) 

2014: 1) “IX Tavolo Nazionale dei Contratti di Fiume”; 2) “Stati generali contro il dissesto idrogeologico”; 3) “Il Consiglio Nazionale della Green Economy” 

2010: National Conference on Land-use planning and environmental protection: “Quarant'anni dopo la Relazione De Marchi” promoted by Gruppo 183 in partership with the Consiglio Nazionale degli Ingegneri, the Centro Nazionale Studi Urbanistici and the Associazione Idrotecnica Italiana (2/3 December). 

2007: Partecipation to the conference organized by the Federazione delle Associazioni Scientifiche e Tecniche (FAST) on the sustainable use of water resources and on new requirements provided in the environmental legislation.