About us

Gruppo 183 is an Italian non-profit organization composed by members from university, research institutions, public administration, private sector and citizens, aiming at promoting a sustainable development policies in the field of soil conservation, protection and improvement of water, for use and management of water resources, protection of environmental aspects. Founded in March 1995 by the initiative of experts, environmentalists, parliamentarians and representatives of regions, local governments, business and union leaders, Gruppo 183 takes its name from the law L.183 / 1989, subsequently repealed by Decree. 152/2006.

The activity which has focused the work of the Gruppo 183 in recent years has focused mainly on the implementation of the European directives on the subject of: water, risk from floods and soil.

Gruppo 183 promotes a more comprehensive water analysis and understanding, the application of trans-disciplinary approaches, the integration of ecological, economic, social and cultural dimensions, an improved water governance and a wide cross-collaboration among researchers, decision-makers and the public opinion. Gruppo 183 operates in the fields of training, information and dissemination at the institutional and technical and scientific levels.


Interdisciplinary research, new water culture, water sustainability, governance and participation in water issues, water ecosystem services, innovative approaches to water management, natural and cultural heritage of water ecosystems, Water Framework Directive.


Researcher, experts, environmentalists, parliamentarians and representatives of regions, local

governments, business and union leaders, stakeholder and citizen interested on soil conservation, protection and improvement of water, protection of environmental aspects.

Michele Zazzi

Coordinator of Gruppo 183, Michele Zazzi is professor of Analysis and Planning of Urban and Territorial Systems at the University of Parma. Member of the Collegio of Professors of the PhD in Civil Engineering and Architecture and member of the Governing Council of the Water Center of the University of Parma. Since 2005, he is part of EUWATER, a network of European experts in the field of water management and water ecosystem planning.

Oliviero Spinelli

In the '90s, Oliviero Spinelli collaborated with the Po River Basin Authority as News and Communications Manager, together with Giuseppe Gavioli. With Gavioli, Bruno Miccio and others, Oliviero Spinelli collaborated for the foundation of the Gruppo 183 and on the organization of various events of the Association.

Bruno Miccio

Responsible for the external relations of the customer direction of the Naples aqueduct. Consultant for ATO 2 Campania in the development of the Territorial Information System; consultant of the Province of Naples for EU-funded environmental projects; chairman of the session on "The use of the territorial Information Systems in the Integrated Water Service" at the 7th Italian ESRI Conference.

Nicola Stolfi

Director of Gruppo 183. He graduated in hydraulic engineering. He worked from 1972 to 1976 in TECNECO (ENI) for the design of pollution control systems of civil wastewater. From 1976 to 2005 he worked as National Environment Manager of the Italian Farmers' Confederation. He is currently involved in the Life RICOPRI project.

Antonio Rusconi

Hydraulic Engineer, he entered the Civil Engineer's Corps in 1976. In Rome he directed the National Hydrographic and Mareographic Service. In 1999 he was appointed Secretary General of the Adriatic Basin Rivers Authority. He was a member of the Superior Council of Public Works and of the National EIA Committee and a lecturer at the IUAV University of Venice.

Stefano Gallo

With a Master's Degree in Environmental Monitoring and Requalification, Stefano collaborated with the Istituto di Ricerca sulle Acque, where he focused on microbiological analysis of groundwater and the potential role of bio-indication of microbial communities. He has been collaborating with Group 183 since 2014.

Andrea Cori

With a Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy, in 2013 Andrea obtained a Master's Degree in Economics and Management. He worked as a researcher at the Department of Economics of University Roma Tre. In his publications he focused on: Development Economics, Protection and Management of Water Resources, Indigenous Cultures and Development Models in Latin American Countries.

Armando Mangone

Graduated in Philosophy, Armando holds a Master in Economics and Management of the Territory, and a Master in Local Development in Parks. He worked as a communications coordinator in the Life + MGN project. He is collaborates in the training activities of several associations and he is a consultant in the field of interventions in Natura 2000 areas.